Download MP3 songs of K L Saigal

We have total 60 old songs of K L Saigal in MP3 audio format…and free to download.

This collection includes popular songs like…. Aye Katibe Takdir muze itana batade

Babul mora naihar chutoni jaye…Chah barbad karegi Hume…Duniya rang rangili baba…Ek Bangala bane nyara…Gam diye Mustakil…Jab dil hi tut gaya…Main kya Janu kya Jadu hain…Main Man ki bat batau…Premnagar main banaungi ghar main…So ja Rajkumari so ja…and many such.

These are sad, sentimental, romantic, moods and duets.


About drsubhash27

Doctor...Great Fan of Mukesh. My Inspiration is my cute Daughter Anuja.

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  1. saiyyed muazzim

    i am looking for a song by saigal sahab which has a line “……….phoolon se liya rang sitaron se bijliya” plz let me know which is that song

  2. Thanks for providing high quality songs of k.l.sehgal

  3. Iam unable to download all the songs will anybody pls heip out?

  4. kl saigal songs every song internally and due to voice songs are very emotional and touching

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